October 29, 2014

Vampire Academy Gala: Blood Promise, Spirit Bound & Last Sacrifice - Richelle Mead

And we're back today with our reviews of books four to six in the Vampire Academy series! Honestly, if you've not read the books, I can promise that there are really no spoilers here. I just tell you my general thoughts - and they're all really good. Honestly, these three books were fast reads for me because I just couldn't wait to find out what would happen next! Stakes are high, characters grow so much and it's just so jam-packed with goodness.

Blood Promise

After the surprising turn of events in its predecessor, Blood Promise gives readers one of the darkest reading experiences yet. Rose, stricken with grief and anger, yet determined to do the right thing, has left the academy and ventured to Russia to complete a mission with personal stakes. Along the way, she uncovers new knowledge, meets new people and has to fight some of the greatest battles she's ever been faced with. It's not an easy read, as Rose goes through a lot. But her bravery and goodness, combined with talent and wits, will have readers rooting for her. Mead skillfully balances tension and plot, even managing to squeeze in a secondary plot happening back with Lissa at the academy too.

Spirit Bound is an emotional roller coaster. Mead heightens the stakes yet again, as Rose and her friends are forced to make questionable choices in pursuit of their true desires. Jam-packed with action and intrigue, the reader will be stunned by how Mead cleverly reconfigures these characters into new relationships, and puts them in new situations that will have readers gasping in fear or anger. You'll be turning the pages anxiously, wondering just what is in store for Rose, her friends and all of the Moroi and dhampir at court. And the underlying current of unease that remains all throughout? That's only the beginning of what is an incredibly emotional journey.

Last Sacrifice

The allure of this series is the tension that's been building since the start, and Last Sacrifice is where it all finally peaks. There's the unraveling of secrets and battles to the death; there's the strength of romance and the purity of healing; there's the joys of friendship and the bravery of being honest. Mead combines all these things into one powerful tale to finish off her well-loved series, and it works. But honestly, the entire story would have been in vain if readers didn't care so much about Rose Hathaway, whose exploits and cleverness are nothing to scoff out. She's the one who ties all these novels together; she's also the one who makes the entire series as appealing as it is. To love Vampire Academy is to love Rose - and that truth becomes clear in this final installment of her story.

It's fairly obvious that I really liked books four to six of Vampire Academy: Blood Promise, Spirit Bound and Last Sacrifice. There's just something about already being familiar with such great characters, and loving them with your whole heart that makes witnessing all that happens to them even more meaningful than it already is! I really think that these books are what cemented my regard for the series so very much.

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