October 17, 2014

Launch Parties, Libraries & Lazy Sundays

This week puts us right in the middle of October, which is simply crazy and amazing all at once. The month's been pretty good to me so far! Today, I thought I'd share a few of the things that I've gotten up to lately.


Heather Demetrios celebrated the launch of her second novel, the first book in the Dark Caravan Cycle, Exquisite Captive, with a party at Books of Wonder. Exquisite Captive takes a lot of inspiration from jinni lore, and the party definitely captured the essence of that with the musicians and food and couture. Heather talked a little about Exquisite Captive, including what inspired it and the various issues she felt ought to be tackled in it. After reading an excerpt, she graciously signed everyone's books. Major bonus? Seeing my blog's name in the hardcover! It was also fun to hang out with Rachel!

 musicians || Gaby introducing Heather || Heather talking about Exquisite Captive
Heather & I || Rachel & I


I had Friday off last week and so, I convinced Rachel that it was positively necessary for her to play hooky and hang out with me instead of going to work! We wound up visiting The Pierpont Morgan Library & Museum, a place I've passed quite a few times and have always wanted to see. While there were galleries aplenty, the one thing we both really wanted to go and look at was the library. And boy, is it incredible! It's seriously such a vast, varied collection of titles, with beautiful covers and spines. I felt a little like Belle when the Beast shows her the massive library! Plus, there were also historical artifacts on display and some amazing architecture, which was pretty darn cool too.

the outside || Rachel & I
desk in the study || fireplace || shelves in the room || shelves in the vault
 all of the ceilings were so gorgeous
some of the historical artifacts 
books with pretty binding || Grimm's Fairy Tales || Our Mutual Friend || Rachel & I


My lovely friend Hanna was in town last Sunday, so we got to spend some much-needed girl time together! We visited Hillsong NYC, wandered around Central Park and then had a brief lunch at McGee's and a wander through Times Square. It was all quite relaxing (except the Times Square bit), and it was really great to get to catch up!

fall picnics || fall leaves || Central Park || Hanna & I || McGee's || Carnegie Hall || Barbie in Times Square || Hillsong NYC


Nearly a decade ago (in 2005, to be exact), at Macky's urging, I read Sabriel for the first time and then promptly devoured Lirael and Abhorsen soon after. I fell hard for this fantasy series by Garth Nix, and was super excited to learn he was going to be releasing a prequel called Clariel this year. It seems quite fitting that the first ever book event that Macky and I attended together would be one for an author we both loved. Garth read an excerpt, before he shared a bit about his inspirations and thoughts on writing. He then graciously signed the books of all his waiting fans, and he's seriously so lovely in person!

talking about Clariel || Macky, Garth Nix & I || signing books

Well, that's what I've been up to these past few weeks, apart from just settling in with Macky in the apartment and buying more books. This weekend, Macky & I are actually heading down to Washington DC to visit family and friends, which should be a lot of fun - and which you'll be hearing about next week!


  1. Wow! You've been busy! So many great things! I want to do them too! It is so sweet you were able to go with Macky to the Garth Nix event, it is definitely something nice to share.

  2. Oh, Garth Nix! Can't wait to read Clariel. And the novella I just recently saw, can't remember the name, but it has a lovely cover w/ Charter marks falling fown on it.

  3. Basically, I want your life! All of this looked like so much fun!


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