November 4, 2013

The Monday Mix (16)

The Monday Mix basically gives me the opportunity to share with all of you the links I loved online from weeks past. This includes everything from great reviews, articles about writing, inspiring posts and perhaps other things too. I've always valued the opportunity to share the great things I've read or seen, and this is my way to share the love with all the bloggers, authors + pubs out there!

I'm starting off the month of November by bringing back The Monday Mix. I've got a ton of blog reading to catch up on, so this post might end up being extremely long today. But the more posts, the merrier, yes?

In other news, November has been good to me so far! I got a chance to see Ed Sheeran at Madison Square Garden, with his amazing special guest Taylor Swift on the 1st, and then celebrated Halloween with my NYC crew on the 2nd, and had a chill(y) Sunday out with my sister yesterday.  (There will be detailed updates in a post coming up this week!) Even though we'll only be cooped up at home job hunting and doing chores, I'm sure today will be just as fun!

Lately, I've been obsessed with watching TV shows! I'm all caught up on The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, and have an episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to watch. I'm determined to also watch Once Upon a Time since my sister, my husband and my brother all love it! Plus, I've started watching Koreanovelas again (City Hunter and Secret Garden were great!), so I also have A Thousand Day's Promise and The Heirs to watch too. See -- new obsession!

I'm slowly getting back into the swing of this blogging thing. I just wanted to say that I am so, so grateful to everyone who's still been visiting and commenting on the blog! It's such a heartwarming thing, and I look forward to visiting all of you commenters over this week.


1. I've been hearing lots of great things about Nowhere But Home, and one of the best posts about it is from my friend Chachic. I seriously need to check out this book!

2. Neil Gaiman's thoughts on "Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming" are just so perfectly expressed. I really enjoyed reading this because I could relate to so much of it!

3. These infographics from Laura E. Kelly are completely fascinating. (Thanks Chachic for the heads up through your post!) I can classify myself as a number of these: delayed onset reader, the all-the-timer, the cross-under, the traveling reader, the omnireader, the comfort reader and the compulsive book-buyer. What about you?

4. I really enjoyed Maggie Stiefvater's article about music and why she has a playlist for each novel  - "I navigate readers' emotions like a small ship through a rocky strait". It's certainly very thoughtful, and I actually agree a lot. Maggie is a master mood changer! (Thanks for sharing Chachic!)

5. Estelle's review of Stir Me Up has convinced me to knock that book up on my reading list. She gives such great reasons for readers to like this book, and my favorite is because the main character's hobby is cooking!

6. I adore this post from Estelle about making moves that is a touch more personal than the usual. It's so inspiring to see how she and her husband are embracing their new situations in life and so wholeheartedly!

7. It was fun to (virtually) join Estelle and Magan as they took us on a tour of Austin, inspired by Lovestruck Summer. There are lots of pretty photos in this post that just made me want to visit Austin even more!

8. I love what these four authors chose for the Big Kids' Table this month! Estelle put an awesome spin on her feature, and you can be sure I'm checking out these adult book suggestions.

9. Hannah shared some of her amazing fall obsessions! I really am loving that nail polish, and I totally want that cookie jar just for kicks (since I rarely ever bake -- I should really remedy that).

10. Reading Hannah's review of Crown of Midnight just gave me all the happy feelings in the world since I loved that book too, as you can tell from my review. If you haven't tried the Throne of Glass series yet, I really think you should.

11. Looking for some recipes to try or food blogs to follow? Cassie's post has the perfect blend for you. I'm eager to try out that cheesy garlic chicken recipe!

12. I am really obsessed with Cassie and Betty's fall playlist. It's got some great tunes, and in C's post, she shares some of her fall favorites too!


I reviewed The Dream Thieves (a solid sequel in The Raven Cycle), How to Love (a fantastic contemporary debut novel) and Goodbye, Rebel Blue (a pretty good sophomore effort) this week. Here's an extremely long July-October retrospective for you in case you missed any of my posts! I'm also throwing a Black Dagger Brotherhood Party with my friends Kelly and Rachel, which I am very excited about since I'm loving these adult romances way more than I thought.

I hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I did! Now it's YOUR turn - are there any posts (on your blog or other blogs) from last week that I missed out on? Please feel free to share links in the comments and I'll try to check them out.


  1. You should totally watch Once Upon a Time!! I love that show! There's also a spin-off: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, but I haven't gotten around to watching it yet...
    Good luck with the job hunting!


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