November 22, 2013

BDB Party: Our Favorite Heroines

Black Dagger Brotherhood Party

The Black Dagger Brotherhood Party is an awesome week-long celebration that RachelKelly & I are hosting. We love the series, we love these vampires, and we wanted to share that love with all of you. Expect fun posts from each of us, and some posts that we've all collaborated on, as well as mini-reviews from me and Rachel, who are first-time BDB readers! You can also chat with us about the books, the characters and anything BDB-related on Twitter, by using the hashtag #BDBparty.

I'm really excited to bring you today's post, because it's a collaboration with my two co-hosts! We'll be talking about our favorite heroines in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, which excites me because I love it when we get to celebrate great female characters. There are ELEVEN books in this series, so that makes for at least 11 females for us to pick from. Even though it took some times, each of us managed to pick the one female we loved best of all:

It's no secret I am in bookish love with Zsadist. Ultimate book boyfriend. The works. I am also totally in friendship love with Bella. This character made me love the name Bella - it's also no secret I despise Twilight but I digress - so this was huge for me. Bella is independent, strong, self-reliant and totally kick-ass. She does not take shit from Zsadist. He tries to be an intimidating asshole and Bella sees right through his facade. She is intrigued by him from the moment she sees him and she doesn't give up until she gets to know the real him. She pushes him, encourages him, she accepts him. They are perfect for each other and Bella is such a strong woman. Few women would ever stick around to help Z stop his self-loathing. Hers is not an easy journey but it is one that is totally worth it. Their love story is beyond words beautiful and I am obsessed with this couple. I would take an entire series devoted to these two.

I love heroines who rebel. Maybe it's because I'm not the most rebellious person myself and I like living vicariously through characters who are. But Cormia certainly goes for what she wants and that's why she's my favorite. All her life she's been brought up to believe she is not an individual. No dreams, no hobbies, no chance to fall in love. But she knew deep down this was wrong and she follows her gut. She fights back. Then she finds herself genuinely falling for Phury and.. she embraces the feeling. I loved that about her too. She was comfortable with her love for him and with herself. She's not afraid to voice her opinions. She's also a good friend to John Matthew and Bella. She likes art and Dirty Dancing! This is my girl right here.

I touched upon it a little bit in my review, but Jane has many qualities that make her my favorite Brotherhood female. She's human, which makes her vulnerable in a way that vampires aren't. She's a doctor, so that gives her the ability to heal and help people who are suffering. It also means that she's quite smart! She's kind, she's considerate, she's loyal and she's passionate. But what I love most about her is that she's got sass and wit, and is usually ready with a comeback! Her interactions with V made me laugh a lot, and I really liked that. Her no-nonsense personality, tied together with the kind heart, just appeals to me completely.

There's one female in the Black Dagger Brotherhood whom all three of us adore, and that's Beth, Wrath's shellan. Beth is the kind, supportive, caring mother figure, who is extremely loyal to her family (which is comprised of Wrath and the rest of the Brotherhood). She's willing to go the extra mile and sacrifice to help the others out, and she also knows exactly how to talk to each member of her family. As Kelly put it, she is real. She doesn't sugarcoat things; she is direct, honest and assertive. Kelly also said it best - the best way to describe her is kick-ass! We all loved her, so we thought she deserved a special mention!


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