September 5, 2013

Gayle Forman Read-along || Where She Went, Week 4

Where She Went - Gayle Forman
I'm so pleased to be a part of the Gayle Forman Read-Along that my friend Brittany is hosting from June-September. We tackled Sisters in Sanity with Judith, and have just finished If I Stay with Candice. And now it's my turn! I'll be covering Where She Went, the sequel/companion novel to If I Stay over the next month.

If you're interested in finding out more about the read-along, or signing up to join us, feel free to check out Brittany's kick-off post. There are three books left (Where She WentJust One Day and Just One Year) so there's plenty of time (and reading material)!

First, the schedule for the remaining week:

August 15-21: Chapters 1-6
August 22-28: Chapters 7-12
August 29-September 4: Chapters 13-18
September 5-11: Chapters 19-23

Here are the questions for week 4:

1. In friendships or relationships, the two people in question have a common obsession most of the time. For Adam and Mia, it's music. Tell me about an example of that in your own life, whether that be with your lover, best friend or family!

2. Adam's knowledge of Mia's obsession with music was what prompted his split second decision to play Yo Yo Ma to remind her of it. How do you feel about their relationship armed with this new knowledge?

3. A good cry is necessary sometimes. Do you agree or disagree?

4. Mia's big revelation -- her gift to Adam -- changes everything. With this new knowledge, how do you feel about Mia?

5. What so you think lies in the future for Adam and Mia? Will their history -- together and apart -- affect it in anyway?

Here are my answers to last week's questions. Please feel free to link up to your posts below in the comments so that I can hop over and check them out!

1. Adam's craving for human affection leads him to various groupies. Does this affect what you think of him?

Honestly, it's not what I would have wanted for him. And if I had been Mia, I probably would have been grossed out. But, if you understand it in the context of how he feels and what Mia did to him, it makes sense. I still personally can't excuse it but it makes sense. I can understand.

2. Mia is able to feel and hear her family in her mind and heart. Have you ever felt that way about someone you've lost, whether from death or other means?

I've lost both my grandfathers in the past five years, and it is still so something that pains me whenever I remember. Whenever I'm making big decisions or going through moments of struggle, I think of them and what they might have said. I'd like to say that I hear them as well, but it's more like I feel their presence and feelings instead. But I can totally relate to Mia on this.

3. What do you think of the author's transitions between present day Adam and Mia, and Adam and Mia in the past?

I loved it. I thought it was a great way to reveal all that happened between them, as it came in increments. I also thought it was a clever way of getting readers who are new to the series caught up to speed on Adam, Mia and their relationship. Mostly, it felt poignant to me. It lent an ethereal, dreamy quality to the entire story, which was lovely and something I particularly enjoyed.

4. The confrontation we've all been waiting for has finally happened! How did you feel when you found out Mia's real reason for leaving Adam behind?

Honestly, I feel like I should have known! But it really caught me off guard. It all fell into places for me when I learned this - Mia's distancing herself, her break-up with Adam, why she wanted to spend one night with him.

5. Do you think Mia and Adam will truly be able to let each other go? Are you rooting for their happy ending or do you think walking away from each other is their best bet?

I don't think they can really let go of each other, mostly because of the significant experience they shared when Mia was in a coma in If I Stay. Something that powerful means you'll always have a connection, no matter what.

As an eternal optimist, I definitely want them to be together. But perhaps they'll have to walk their own paths for now. Then they can meet again someday and finally be together!

Thanks for joining me as I read Where She Went. We've finally reached our last week, and it'll be fun to see how it all ends for Adam and Mia. Hope you've all been enjoying your read of Where She Went!


  1. YAY loved these questions too! I'm so glad you hosted this book because these questions and answers have been SO much fun.
    I was a little skeeved out with Adam.... But I get where his head was at (or wasn't).
    THAT CONFRONTATION. I forgot how RAW that was (since it's a re-read for me). I mean, wow, that was just powerful and emotional and... I teared up.


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