November 6, 2012

That Theater Life • Drama

Drama Raina Telgemeier book cover
Drama by Raina Telgemeier
Publisher: Graphix
Publication Date: September 1, 2012
Source/Format: Bought || Paperback

Callie is in love with the theater, and she's excited to be a part of her school's production of Moon Over Mississippi. As the set designer, she's determined to create an amazing set for the show - even when mishaps with budget, building and the crew are all determined to get in the way. And there's the drama that happens offstage...

The first word that comes to mind when I think of Drama is relatable. I was a theater kid from high school (thanks to my amazing teacher Sir Jess Bermudez, who I’ll probably mention again at some point) until college (where I was a part of the awesome and inspiring and talented Ateneo Blue Repertory). So it’s a given that this book, based on the title alone, plays to one of my hobbies and favorite things in the world – theater.

Apart from the awesome fact that it’s about a drama club, it’s also got the most adorable illustrations. I loved the vibrant colors used, the fact that they were composed of very simple lines and strokes, and that they were just plain lovely to look at. I studied them for long periods of time, noting all the tiny little details that I could and marveling at the artistry behind them.

The story’s also pretty awesome. For one thing, the main character Callie is certainly a big part of her school’s drama club – but doing behind the scenes work. I love that because I was one of those people who loved the energy of the show from behind the scenes too! I was passionate about being a stage manager, and it brought back very fond memories seeing how passionate she was about her backstage work too.

The story also reminded me how doing shows with my club was always a great way to form new friendships, and create a nice, strong bond with others who were involved. The show definitely ties you all together, and with the inordinate amount of time you spend in each other’s presence rehearsing and promoting, you pretty much get to know each other very, very well. This book reminded me of that, especially when they would all get together in the name of the show.

I tried hard to think of something that bothered me about this book, and the best I could come up with was that I wanted even more – like a sequel! It was so likable, so fun, so funny and just something that I really enjoyed reading. I would definitely welcome the opportunity to join this particular drama club and their adventures all over again!


  1. I really enjoyed this book too. From the reviews I've read, it seems that we are enjoying reminiscing about our school experiences with drama club-fun times!

  2. Cute! I was a theater kid too and loved all the production that went into a play! It was all so exciting and made you feel like you were part of something bigger. This sounds like a really cute read!

  3. I was a total theatre geek too so this subject matter definitely appeals to me. I like that the POV is from someone behind the scenes--all too often we're given the story from the perspective of the star, but it's the people behind the scenes that create the real magic in many cases. And it has pictures too!? Umm, count me in.

  4. Oh I definitely need to get this! I am a hopeless Theatre geek. I have been since Jr. High. Still do shows whenever I can.

    This book sounds fantastic!

  5. So glad you enjoyed this one too! And I love the idea of a sequel. Would be great to see one of the boys as the main character and maybe the club putting on another show.

    It would have been great to have more books like this when I was younger. So much fun!

  6. awww this one seems SUPER CUTE and the illustrations are an added bonus. if i see it at my library, definitely going to pick it up!


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