June 7, 2012

BEA 2012 (Day 3)

Today, June 7, BEA 2012 has come to an end. While I'm certainly sad that it's over, I'm also a bit relieved - because I am flat out exhausted. Every single part of my body is aching, although most of it is strongly concentrated on my shoulders, feet and back. It was definitely worth it though and I am certainly going to do it all over again next year! It was amazing to meet so many publishers, so many authors and so many bloggers. And of course it was fun to get some really awesome books!

1: I know I've said this every single day, but I picked up an ARC that I'm really excited to read! It's definitely going to be one of the ones that is a top priority on my reading list.

2: I was able to meet quite a number of authors today too, though I was particularly excited to be seeing Maggie Stiefvater again. Others I met today included Alissa Grosso, Jackson Pearce, Jenny Han, Siobhan Vivian, Jeri Smith-Ready, Victoria Schwab, Angela Corbett, Lani Woodland, Tessa Gratton & Brenna Yovanoff.

3: Everything was much more relaxed, but still just as exciting. Katelyn and I finished early so we left and did a few more fun things (which I will definitely be posting about tomorrow!)

All in all, BEA was a fantastic experience! I was certainly a bit overwhelmed on my first day, but by today, I truly felt I kind of got the hang of things. While I'm certainly no expert, I'm definitely going to put up a post about what I learned from my personal experience at BEA.

I'm very grateful to all the exhibitors, the hard-working publishing teams, agents and authors and everyone who made this event possible and enjoyable. And I'm also very grateful to the bloggers who took the time to stop and chat - it's definitely what made this event 100% more enjoyable. Most of all, I'm grateful to Katelyn for being my BEA buddy and just being awesome in general - I can't imagine doing BEA 2013 without you!


  1. Alexa, I'm SO EXCITED to see your book haul. :) Also, meeting all those authors sound fab especially Maggie and Jenny Han! I've been really loving reading your best, like how relaxed your first & last day ways. BEA always seemed sort of stressful to me so I'm glad it is possible to take it somewhat easy even when it is overwhelming! Can't wait to read more about your personal experience. I'm still gearing up myself for a convention, hopefully ALA in 2013.

  2. Good Job, girl. ;D I'm so psyched to see what Jenny Han's new series is going to be like. Especially when it co-authored.

  3. Maggie is one of my favorite authors, and I feel so honored to have met her twice in my lifetime! And I do hope you get to go to ALA in 2013 - which one are you planning to make it to? :)


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