June 6, 2012

BEA 2012 (Day 2)

After getting over the first day jitters, BEA has turned into an even more fun personal experience. While we're certainly no experts and are, in fact, still learning the ropes, Katelyn and I can deem our second day a complete success. We can now sort of navigate the exhibit floor, find some cool signings and talk to some really interesting people. Today, more than ever, I have fallen in love with the book industry - authors, publishers and bloggers alike.

Today's highlights include...

1: I got an ARC copy of a book that I'm very excited to read, as well as finished copies of a few books that were already on my reading list.

2: I got to meet a whole bunch of authors today -- Veronica Roth, of course, was one of the most exciting. I also met Katie McGarry, Susane Colasanti, Sharon Cameron, Aimee Carter, Jonathan Maberry, Emily White, David Thorne, Teresa J. Rhyne, Elizabeth Norris, Bethany Griffin & Aprilynne Pike. I also got to see Jennifer L. Armentrout, Gina Damico, Tamara Island Stone & Marie Lu again.

3: I met a few bloggers, including James, which was pretty awesome. I love interacting with bloggers because they totally understand my craziness over books and authors!

One of the best parts about today was that we brought rolling bags to check in. This definitely made a difference when it came to wandering around the floors, as we didn't have to carry too many books at once.

I'm really enjoying my first time at BEA so far, so it makes me a little sad that tomorrow is going to be the last day. I'm hoping for more blogger encounters, more great books and even more awesome publisher and author encounters!


  1. Rolling bags are the absolute best :) You are making me incredibly curious about which ARC has got you so excited! :) Hope you have fun tomorrow as well!

  2. Maberry! SQUEE!!!! What did we ever do before rolling bags?

  3. Oh, I've just realized that I'm incredibly excited about SO MANY of the books I picked up! It was incredible.


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