Book Review: Scandalized

Each time that I pick up a new romance to read, I'm always optimistic that the story will contain the two things I always look for in particular when it comes to this genre: 1) a main couple who I enjoy as individuals but also root for as a pair and 2) compelling story elements outside of the romance. This was my mindset going into Scandalized, and luckily, Ivy Owens delivered on both fronts! 

I enjoyed this book! I wholeheartedly feel this way, despite the sweeping dramatic turns it takes (especially in the third act); it simply made sense for the story to unfold as it did because of Georgia's explosive high-profile investigative journalism piece and Alec's worldwide celebrity. Scandals and unexpected scenarios aside, it was also just a delight to watch Georgia and Alec's relationship blossom. It does start off feeling like their connection is primarily based on lust, an instant spark that appears right when they are reunited in the first few chapters. (Not that I'm complaining, because that romantic tension and the pair's chemistry were off the charts and made all the swoony and steamy moments even better for me!) But watching them work through ups and downs, realizing their connection was much more than just physical attraction and a brief period of shared history - it was all very well-done. I'm really impressed by the fact that every second of their love story was believable despite their unusual circumstances!

Truth is, Scandalized would not have worked as well for me if I didn't love Georgia and Alec. Gigi is driven, determined, capable and loyal; she's also still healing from the scars left on her from a past relationship that ended badly. She felt like someone I would want to be friends with in real life! Then there's Alec, gorgeous, thoughtful, kind, equally loyal, who is clearly enamored with Gigi right from the start and who is willing to do everything and anything he can to win her affections; a man who trying to balance his celebrity with his own desires. (Can you tell I harbored a tiny bit of a crush on this man?) I loved these two a whole lot, and that made the experience of watching them fall in love even better.

If you couldn't already tell, I had the best time reading Scandalized! It made me happy; it made me deeply emotional (somewhere between angry and sad at a variety of points); it also made me swoon (listen, there are plenty of moments that made me all warm and fuzzy and others that were very hot). It's a contemporary romance that I definitely would recommend!

Content Warning: Georgia's investigative journalism centers around a sexual assault plotline. While the assault doesn't happen on page, there are mentions of rape, drugs and non-consensual film recordings.

Pub Info: August 23, 2022 by Pocket Books | Add it on Goodreads | Buy the book!


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  2. This sounds like one I need to check out! Great review. I'll have to add it to my TBR.

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