April 18, 2022

2022: My Q1 Recap

It almost feels foreign to be typing up a brand new blog post after months of not even coming close to opening up Blogger. I kept wanting to wait for the perfect time to go back to blogging, but as life keeps so helpfully reminding me this year, there is no such thing. You've just got to do the thing if you want to do the thing and so, I've decided to do the thing today.

I figured it made the most sense to start off nice and easy with a recap of everything that I got up to in the first three months of the year. But first, a series of thoughts, mostly for my future self whenever she reads this: you had a ton of fun already in 2022, but you've also had some of the most stressful, anxiety-inducing moments of your life (and they've been bad). Luckily, you have your faith and your constants and that's what has gotten (and will continue getting) you through.

January started off with another unexpected twist in our inner circle when my youngest sister Rachel tested positive for COVID. She, Macky and I ended up finishing out our quarantine together for the first full week of the year, which involved working from home and watching a ton of movies. When I finally was able to get back to the office in person, it was the start of a very stressful period in my work life (and I honestly have never felt more conflicted or exhausted). But I found temporary relief when we finally reunited with the rest of the NYFam for the first time in a month since we'd all gotten sick! The rest of the month included attending a virtual book event for the release of Jodi Meadows' Nightrender, candlelit concert performance of Taylor Swift songs, babysitting Greyson with Macky and Rachel, finally getting my COVID booster shot and having two snow day experiences.

February was definitely the most whirlwind month of the year so far, just because it's the shortest month but it was jam-packed with all sorts of activities! I attended two virtual book events: one for the paperback release of The Soulmate Equation, and the other for the release of House of Sky and Breath. We also flew to LA for a few days to spend Greyson's first birthday and baptism weekend with the fam (and got to sneak in a trip to Disneyland too!), which was really fun and hectic all at once. I was also reunited with Rachel for a monthly pre-work breakfast date for the first time since December! Other activities that happened this month included going to Color Me Mine with my sisters, visiting an exhibit at NYPL, a birthday dinner for Steven at Tacombi, a double dinner date with Andrew and Kristin, seeing Patrick Droney (my first in person concert since the pandemic began), seeing Lili for brunch and going to visit the Met with the other Asian Aunties + Greyson.

March started off with my first in person book event since the pandemic, and it was to see Rebecca Serle and Jennifer E. Smith at The Strand. Macky, Steven, Mel, Rachel & I went to see Dua Lipa that same week (which was super fun). I finally got my dental implant surgery... on the same day that Macky had his citizenship interview! We also celebrated Pat's birthday with a 90s party/sleepover at Steven's new apartment. Mel, Rachel & I visited the Van Gogh Experience at the end of the month, followed by a tea time appointment with Macky at Brooklyn High Low. Other things that happened in March included: a mice issue in our apartment for a while (though it's hopefully resolved now), finally hanging out with both Kristin & Rachel for a Kino/dinner date, and spending quality time with the NY Fam whenever we could manage it.

Hope the first quarter of 2022 has been good to you so far!


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