Book Review: From Little Tokyo, With Love

From Little Tokyo, With Love was my first foray into Sarah Kuhn’s work, and it certainly won’t be my last! It’s a modern-day fairytale set against the backdrop of Los Angeles, with a large part happening within the boundaries of Little Tokyo. The main character is Rika, who has never really felt like she belonged with her family or among her neighbors; she often likens herself to the monsters and not the princesses in a fairytale. But when Hollywood actress Grace Kimura indicates that she knows Rika and just might be the mother she never knew before disappearing without a trace, Rika is determined to track her down to get the truth with the aid of one of Grace’s recent costars.

Truthfully, I expected From Little Tokyo, With Love to be a lighthearted fluff read. But I wound up getting much more than I’d bargained for as it was a surprisingly emotional read! While it does have lighter moments that made me laugh and swoon, it also tugs on the heartstrings. Readers eventually realize that what Rika is searching for throughout the story is a place to belong, for someone to belong with, and that’s the kind of journey that I feel like any reader could relate to. Throw in a dash of movie magic (what I call those moments in films where everything aligns so that the plot moves forward), a hint of romance and an ending that feels like what “happily ever after” could look like in real life, and you’ve got this book. I absolutely loved reading this one, and look forward to checking out more stories from this author!

Pub Info: May 11, 2021 by Viking Books for Young Readers
Source: e-galley received from the publisher via NetGalley


  1. This is one on my TBR, glad to hear it was so good! Great review!
    Lisa Loves Literature

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