May 13, 2021

Friends with ARCs: People We Meet on Vacation

After reading and loving Emily Henry’s adult contemporary debut last year, I was really eager to read People We Meet on Vacation. Poppy is a free-spirited young woman who lives to wander the world and is lucky enough to call that her job. Or at least, she felt that way up until recently, when she realizes she’s in a rut and that the last time she was truly happy was two years ago when she was on summer vacation with her (ex?) best friend Alex (an annual tradition for years up until said fateful trip). Desperate to make things right with Alex, Poppy invites him on vacation… and he agrees to come. Poppy has one week to sort things out (for herself and between them), but will it all go according to plan?

After reading two adult contemporaries from Emily Henry, it’s safe to say that I will happily read anything she puts out in the genre. She’s delivered two consistently easy-to-devour novels (that are especially perfect for weekend or vacation reads) that make use of fully recognizable plot and romance tropes, but with a spin all her own when it comes to the characters. While it didn’t quite eclipse its predecessor’s spot as a favorite, People We Meet on Vacation was an equally wonderful read. Sure, the plot played a rather large part in winning my affection, especially with the travel aspect (I really enjoyed reading about their trips!) and the flashbacks to the past. But Poppy and Alex were the true highlight. I’ve always said that it’s my feelings about the main pair that will affect my overall feelings about a novel, and that was certainly true of this one. I enjoyed getting to know them both (they’re very quirky in their own ways), and it was very easy for me to care about their relationship and its development as the years went on. It was lovely to just immerse myself in this story and escape from the world as I read it, and I turned the last page feeling very warm and fuzzy and wonderful indeed. I really enjoyed People We Meet on Vacation, and think many other readers are going to feel the same way! Definitely add this to your TBR if it’s not on there already.

Where do you want to go on your next vacation? I miss traveling so much! I wish I hadn’t been so nervous about solo travel in the years past, as I feel like I would have gone to many more places already. Right now, the top of my list includes: a repeat visit to Japan, a return home to the Philippines and a trip to Hawaii, a new to me destination.

Pub Info: May 11, 2021 by Berkley Book | Add it on Goodreads


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