December 10, 2018

What I Loved: November 2018

I love talking about my latest obsessions with my friends! It's always fun to discover people who share my tastes and interests, and to potentially find even more things to fall in love with. I'm sharing some of my November favorites today, but come and share with me in the comments what you've been loving lately!

Uniqlo Fluffy Yarn Fleece Full-Zip Jacket in Dark Green | Were it not for my sister Rachel’s raving about this jacket, I probably wouldn’t have ended up picking one up for myself. And that would have been a travesty, as it has quickly become my go-to jacket for layering or a casual morning running errands! The material itself is cozy and warm, and it is extremely functional on its own or as a layer. And it has plenty of pockets, which is always a win! While I had initially thought to get pink, gray or blue, I gravitated towards this shade in particular once I saw it in person.

Forever 21 fuzzy pink crossbody bag | I can’t find my exact crossbody bag online, alas, but I had to mention it here because I love it! It was a gift from one of my cousins-in-law and it suits my aesthetic perfectly. The pale pink offers the perfect subtle pop of color to glam up an otherwise plain look, and the soft and fuzzy material also really appeals to my sense of coziness. It is definitely on the smaller side so I really can only fit essentials in there, but that hasn’t stopped me from taking it out and about multiple times already.

Tenyo Stained Glass Disney 2000pcs puzzle | I mentioned loving puzzles in a past post, but I’m obsessed with the latest one my sisters and my brother-in-law and I completed while he was visiting us. It’s a beautiful piece that captures a variety of beloved Disney characters in a style reminiscent of stained glass! But half the reason that the puzzle means so much to me is that it will always remind me of the nights we worked to piece together what was an admittedly challenging puzzle. 

Voltron: Legendary Defender Funko POP! Vinyls | If you follow me on any forms of social media and if you’ve followed this blog for a little while, you’ll probably already know how much I love Voltron: Legendary Defender. While I’ve never watched the original show (except for an episode or two that Macky has shown me), I have adored the Netflix reboot so, so much (despite its flaws) and I’m already both eagerly anticipating and mentally dreading the final season airing next week. So, it’s unsurprising that I ended up buying all the paladin Funkos when they were released because… I can’t bear not to have them all together on my shelf.

Peppermint mochas & gingerbread lattes from Starbucks | I generally stick to my lattes and cappuccinos when it comes to coffee consumption, but I can never resist the lure of the Christmas offerings from Starbucks. I’ve always been partial to the peppermint mocha, but I also have really come to love gingerbread lattes. Do you have a favorite holiday drink?

Matcha ‘N More | One of my favorite things about doing Table For Two with Rachel is that we discover such fun places to eat in New York City! Matcha ‘N More left a really strong impression on me for a number of reasons: the aesthetically pleasing (and punny) interior d├ęcor, the variety of matcha-flavored items they have to offer and the quality of their food. Suffice to say that it’s been added to my list of places to return to for repeat visits!

Bluemont Vineyard | I’m not a big wine aficionado, but it was a real treat to drive to Bluemont on our weekend down in the DMV area. It was a perfectly lovely afternoon spent enjoying glasses of their wine (I’m very fond of their Autumn Apple wine, which had apple tones to it) with friends old and new, and I think it’s the combination of their actual offerings and their rustic aesthetic that won this place a spot in my heart.

A Christmas Prince | I can’t believe I didn’t watch this holiday movie last year, but I’m glad my sister finally convinced me to do it! It’s such an adorable holiday film, and while it’s definitely predictable and occasionally corny, that’s just what I like during this particular time of the year so it definitely worked out well. (I thought the sequel was cute, even though I didn’t necessarily love it as much.)

thank u, next by Ariana Grande | Honestly, I’ve really been a fan of most of Ariana Grande’s musical releases and thank u, next is certainly no exception. It’s extremely catchy, I love the music video (all those movie references) and I just can’t. stop. Singing. It.

Use Somebody (cover) by Shawn Mendes | Oh, hi, new young person who has made it onto my most listened artists for the entire year on Spotify! Kidding aside, I really do enjoy Shawn Mendes and his music, and I think his cover of Use Somebody is a pretty great earworm.


  1. I think I need that fleece! I also really love the Voltron funkos and that they're sitting in front of Fruits Basket! Autumn Apple wine sounds delicious and I love peppermint mochas too! I still have to watch the thank you, next video (I am so bad at keeping up with current music!) And I'm still SUPER impressed that you all completed that enormous puzzle!

  2. YAY for so many new obsessions :D Loved reading about all of it. <3 So glad you love so many awesome things, haha :) And yesss for Voltron pop figures :D I love that you love the show so much. I have not seen it yet, ack, but one day :D I'm the biggest collector of pop figures, though, haha :)


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