November 5, 2018

What I Loved: October 2018

I love talking about my latest obsessions with my friends! It's always fun to discover people who share my tastes and interests, and to potentially find even more things to fall in love with. I'm sharing some of my favorites from October today, but come and share with me in the comments what you've been loving lately!

Castlevania | I'm going to cut to the chase here - I'm really into this show because I'm really into of one of the characters. While I do also love Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belnades, it was Alucard, son of Dracula, who stole my heart. I loved his story, loved his character and it was really a main point of interest for me when watching this show. That's not to say that I didn't also enjoy the rest of it, with the machinations and maneuverings that comprise the plot (even though it went to very dark places). It's not a perfect show, but I thought it was definitely enjoyable. (And I'm really just Alucard trash.)

RWBY | I finally sat down and watched the entirety of the first season of this show with Macky one night, and I can't believe I waited so long! It's a premise right up my alley, for sure, centered around the idea that there are Huntsmen and Huntresses who are dedicated to slaying the creatures of Grimm and uphold the peace and that there are Huntsman academies for training folks who want to embrace that career path. It follows four girls - Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang - as they start their first year at one such academy. And it's sooooo fun! Unsurprisingly, I had instant favorites, but I really just enjoyed the premise of the first season overall and can't wait to watch more.

the Thirteenth Doctor | It was love at first episode with Jodi Whittaker, who plays the Thirteenth Doctor on the currently running season of Doctor Who. She breathes a new life into the show with her take on the Doctor, and I'm here for it. I've really been enjoying the episodes that have been aired so far, though the very first one is still my favorite (and still makes me emotional thinking about it).

Harry Potter: A History of Magic | I grew up with Harry Potter, and this series still means so much to me in a very special way, so it isn't a surprise that I really enjoyed the exhibition that highlighted some of the inspiration for elements of the world and story and gave attendees a peek into J.K. Rowling's early drafts and illustrations and outlines. I was geeking out the entire time, and I left the exhibition feeling really inspired and excited - both about the series and my own writing.

Westlife | I loved Westlife from the time of their inception up until the time they decided to end their very successful career run for a number of reasons. I don't think my words will be enough to express the sheer amount of overwhelming joy and excitement I experienced when it was announced that they were 1) reuniting, 2) going to release new music (and potentially work with Ed Sheeran, who I also love) and 3) going to go on tour in 2019. I've been listening to all of their old stuff on repeat even more since then, and I'm so excited!

LANY's Malibu Nights | My sister Mel put this album on my radar, and I love it! I've always been into LANY's sound (and particularly loved ILYSB), so it was really fun to discover that there's new music from them. Even though the entire album does kind of sound like one very long track, I actually felt really emotional the first time I listened to the songs since they're all about heartbreak and love.

Jess Glynne's Always in Between | Ever since Rachel first introduced me to Jess Glynne, I have loved her music. I was so excited that she released a new album this year, and I love it! If my aesthetic/personality were expressed in music, it'd be this album. I'm also really excited that I get to watch her next year with Rachel, and that Ed Sheeran helped write one of my favorite songs on the album too!

City of Saints | I have found my newest coffee obsession, and it's City of Saints. I am living for the aesthetic of their branch right off Bryant Park, and their vanilla lattes are so delicious! I've made it a point to stop by at least two times a week just for the coffee, even though it's ten streets away from my own office.

Chip NYC | I'm a cookie monster (seriously, I love cookies), so when Lili suggested that we drop by Chip after we had brunch, I was all for it. And it was so worth it. We picked up four different cookies: chocolate chip walnut, cookies and cream (a group fave!), s'mores and oatmeal apple pie. It was all quite delicious and I'm already plotting ways to get more.

The Erudite Artist | I lovingly blame my friend Chachic for putting this artist on my radar. I'm really obsessed with Janus' art style, particularly her fantasy flora collection! You can check out her website for more and she also has some designs up on Society 6.


  1. I cried in episode 1 of Doctor Who. Why couldn't Gran come with us?

  2. Eee, I love reading about your latest obsessions. <3 I have not seen any of this, or listened to much of this music, ack, but you have made me so curious :D Lovely post Alexa. <3 Hope you are still watching so much awesome :)


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