October 24, 2018

Light Up the Darkness | Twenty Questions

The date has arrived, friends. It is officially release week for Kingdom of Ash, the seventh and final book in the Throne of Glass series. The book officially released yesterday, and I immediately started reading my preorder the first moment I could! I'm currently a little over halfway through, and it's already put my heart through a number of ups and downs. I've been loving it so far, and I can't wait to finish tonight.

Light Up the Darkness was born when my friends Kelly of Belle of the Literati, Rachel of Hello, Chelly, Hannah of So Obsessed With and I decided we wanted to collaborate to celebrate the end of a series we loved so dearly! Today's post is a series of twenty questions (five on each of our blogs) that cover both our feels and our fangirling. So, after you check out my post, don't forget to hop on over to see Kelly's post, Rachel's post & Hannah's post to see the other fifteen questions! (Note: There may be spoilers for books one through six, so bear that in mind before you read!)

1. Which character from the series do you most identify with?

Alexa: Yrene, for sure. Her heart is in the right place, especially as it drives her to do right by the people that surround her. I also appreciated that she was depicted struggling with her path and her choices, which made her feel even more real to me. And it was even better when she rose to the challenge to become the incredible young woman readers really get to spend time with in Tower of Dawn! I love that this lady is both gentle and fierce, and that she's brave even in the face of the darkness. She’s definitely a kindred spirit, in my opinion.

Kelly: Aelin will always be one of my favorite characters of all time because there is so much of her that I can relate to. She’s brash and opinionated but she’s also kind and thoughtful, but only those closest to her know her inner depths and hidden secrets…also very much like me. Also, like Aelin, my closest friends growing up were all book characters, because I had a hard time making friends and the connection with the importance of books really resonates with me.

Rachel: When I read Throne of Glass, of course I saw what everyone else saw in Celaena—a fierce assassin with a whole lot of swagger and sass. But I also saw a young woman who loved books and clothes, could eat her weight in candy, played the piano and held a lot of emotions close to her heart. But even though she’s not the most open person, when she does let people in she loves them wholeheartedly. All of which I can relate to. 

Hannah: I would have had a harder time answering this question if my girl, Kelly, hadn’t told me once that Elide reminded her of me. Oh, to be able to see yourself the way someone who loves you does! Elide always keeps her sense of hope, no matter her circumstances, and never stops taking the next step forward. I’d like to think I’ve got that in me, too. She isn’t the most powerful or magically gifted, but she can think on her feet and assess the people around her. So more than anything else, I relate to the fact that her mind is her strength. (Kelly: And Hannah’s always four steps ahead of everyone else, like Elide.)

2. What scene never fails to make you laugh?

Alexa: It might be because I think Throne of Glass is one of the most banter and sass-filled books in the series, but I still laugh thinking about the moment that Celaena, Chaol and Dorian encounter Kaltain Rompier in the hallway during Throne of Glass.

Kelly: In Queen of Shadows, when Rowan tells Arrobyn he also used the almond skin oil he sent over for Aelin.

Rachel: I always chuckle when Aelin calls Rowan “Buzzard”. 

Hannah: I crack up when Aelin and Rowan are mentally flirting and completely zone out while Arobynn is talking to them in Queen of Shadows

3. What’s your favorite quote from the series?

Alexa: “Your fate is yours to decide.”

Kelly: “I will not be afraid.”

Rachel: “To whatever end.” 

Hannah: “I can survive well enough on my own — if given the proper reading material.'

4. If you could have magic, what power would you choose?

Alexa: I’d love to have healing magic, mostly because I’d love to help other people, and because I think I’d be really good at support magic versus battle magic.

Kelly: Like Aelin, I would love to be able to burn shit down.

Rachel: I’d probably go with healing magic like Yrene, although I do love Aelin’s abilities and I’d never have to worry about being cold.

Hannah: Can I bend people to my will? Like, a less evil version of the Valg. Ha! Okay, practically speaking, I’d like to be able to fly. I’ve got things to do and places to see.

5. What’s your favorite bookish merchandise inspired by the series?

Alexa: I own a lot of merchandise (prints, mugs, candles and even custom Funkos!). But I love my bookmarks best of all, because I have a bazillion of them (or it feels like it anyway) and they’re all wonderful. A few of my favorites in my collection are these cute magnetic bookmarks, this bookmark with a cute illustration of Celaena, and this "Rattle the Stars" quote bookmark.

Kelly: Mugs. Love a good much that represents my favorite book or series!

Rachel: Probably candles or bookmarks although I’m always on the lookout for a good Rowaelin print. 

Hannah: I have two prints that I love (but aren’t available to buy anymore) and a few TOG bookmarks, but I totally want this t-shirt.

Don't forget to check out the rest of the questions by visiting Kelly's postRachel's post & Hannah's post! And definitely grab a copy of Kingdom of Ash, which was out in the world as of yesterday!


  1. I love this series of posts! I'm rereading the whole TOG series right now so it will be a while before I get to TOG, but I'm appreciating it so much more. ACOTAR was always my first SJMaas love but I definitely understand how deeply this series impacts its readers too!

  2. Simply love how much you love these books :D YAY. Stunning post Alexa. <3


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