June 25, 2018

Table for Two #18: Bareburger

Rachel of Hello, Chelly and I have teamed up once more to bring you a collaboration that involves two of my favorite things: New York City and food. Welcome to Table for Two, where the two of us will be highlighting restaurants and dessert spots in New York City. Each month, you'll be hearing our personal opinions on the place and the food! I'm two days late in sharing this month's post, mostly because I was sick enough to not feel up to finishing it until now. Anyway, this month, I'm talking about Bareburger, while Rachel shares about Sweet Moment.

Bareburger is actually a burger spot that I’ve gone to a couple of times since I’ve moved to NY, but it was only recently I discovered that they had a location near Columbus Circle. Their mission is to partner with folks to help bring clean comfort food with organic ingredients to everyone, as well as using reclaimed and recycled materials to build and decorate each location — and it’s definitely something I can get behind. 

The location we visited is surprisingly above average in size considering its location. While it’s unassuming from the outside (especially with the construction going on around it at the moment), you instantly get a cozy, comfortable vibe when you step in. 

We ordered rings & fries to share (and I like their signature sauce to dip it in!). Rachel made her own burger (brioche and bison, with a few other toppings) while I ended up having the Buckaroo (beef, aged cheddar, smoked brisket, wild mushrooms, smoked sauce, brioche bun). And on top of that, we both ordered milkshakes too (I had a black & white, and Rach got vanilla). If you think all of this sounds like really great comfort food, well, you’d be right! I savored every bite of my burger, inhaled the milkshake and couldn’t stop picking at the fries and onion rings. It’s definitely a meal I would have again, and would highly recommend if you enjoy this type of fare.

In case you’re interested in visiting Bareburger, the specific location we went to was 313 West 57th St, but there are so many branches (in NY and in a couple of other states too)! Do let me know if you ever decide to visit, and what you thought of the food.


  1. YAY :D Thrilled you two had an awesome time at this burger place. <3 I want to eat more great burgers too. Sigh. And yay for tasty milkshake too :D Thank you for sharing love. <3


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