August 5, 2016


Today is one of my favorite days in the whole entire year – my birthday! I’m big on birthdays, and have always been. It is always a period of reflection, gratitude and celebration, and I like to take the time out to indulge in festive affairs with people I adore. I’m sincerely grateful for all that I’ve been given in this life, and I never take any of it for granted, whether it’s the people I love most in the world or the fact that I get to live and work and play in New York or the opportunities that have come my way, through this blog or otherwise. 

I’m really excited to be toasting to yet another year (and many more) to come, and I want to share the joy with all of you – so I’m hosting a giveaway! But that’ll come a wee bit later, as first, I thought I’d share a birthday wishlist with you all. Now, I’ve decided that, for this year’s list, the qualification is simple: it has to be something I can actually buy. Without further ado, let me present you with 27 things that I have my eye on!

1. Crosley x UO Cruiser Briefcase Portable Vinyl Record Player - A record player has languished on my wishlist for years now, but I've just never taken the plunge and purchased one! There are so many adorable designs out there, but this is one that I really feel is totally me and would fit in perfectly with my aesthetic.

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Film Camera - This is yet another item that has been on my wishlist for ages, but I've also hemmed and hawed over actually buying one. One big reason I love it is because I do like capturing moments and keeping photos to look at after years have gone by. Another reason is that I'm obsessed with my bullet journal and want to keep photos of fun moments in there in my weekly views! 

3. Jazz Things Up Piano Bag - I rotate regularly between five more practical bags, but I'm always looking for new novelty ones to dream of owning. I was obsessed with this Betsey Johnson Phone Crossbody for ages, but that obsession has been knocked out of the way by this new bag from Kate Spade! Not only is it adorable, it's also relevant to my interest, since I love the piano and I used to play (and probably still could).

4. Keds for Kate Spade New York Glitter Sneakers - If you know me, you'll know I have a thing for all wardrobe items bright and sparkly. The first time I ever saw these sneakers, I was in love - both with their color and with their style. One day, I will own one (if not all) of these shoes and I will be in glitter heaven.

5. Tickets for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - I've read and loved the screenplay that was released in book form over the past weekend, and I just know it would be the most magical experience to be able to go and see it performed on stage! There are just certain bits that I think would be better seen in visual form. While I don't know if I'll ever get to see the original run, I definitely want to see it at least once in my lifetime.

6. A roundtrip plane ticket to London - I mean, honestly, if I'm going to get tickets to Cursed Child, I have to have a way to get to London, the city of my dreams and my heart. I have aspired since the sixth grade to visit this city, and if I could have any gift for my birthday, this would definitely be one of the most welcome. (It wouldn't hurt to have someone gift me a visit to the Harry Potter Studio Tour either. I could probably spend the entire day in there and not be done.)

7. A new couch - The current couch we own is well-loved and still incredibly useful (as it folds out into a bed and most of our guests have slept on it when they come), but it would be nice to have a new, comfortable couch that also adds to the aesthetic of our living/dining area as a whole. I've always been partial to a gray couch, since it would go well with most other colors.

8. Annual passes to Walt Disney World & Universal Studios - I'm a huge theme park girl, and I've loved every single visit I've ever made to both of these parks... both as a child and as an adult. I would love it if my husband and I could acquire annual passes! I'd definitely feel more motivated to learn how to drive, so that I could road trip down with Macky and enjoy a couple of weekends visiting the parks.

9. A roundtrip plane ticket to the Philippines - It's been two years since I went home to the Philippines, and I miss it and the people I love who are still over there and haven't been able to come and visit us in New York. I would love to go home for a visit (perhaps next year when the family reunion occurs) and it would definitely be a very happy surprise to get a ticket home for my birthday.

10. Kingdom Hearts III - I might not be playing video games as much as I used to, but I will always make an exception for Kingdom Hearts. It combines Final Fantasy and Disney in a pretty damn awesome way, and I've enjoyed the first two tremendously. I'm looking forward to seeing which characters they integrate this time around and just immersing myself back in this game!

11. Avatar: The Last Airbender / The Complete Series - I binge watched this entire animated series in 2015, and I am seriously obsessed! First of all, it's an incredibly well-constructed story. Second, it's filled with complex, flawed, wonderful, lovable characters. Third, it hits you right in the feels and succeeds in making you laugh and making you cry and making you angry in turn. It is absolutely phenomenal, and I'd highly recommend it to everyone.

12. Disney Showcase Little Princess figurines - I stumbled across these figurines on a recent visit to Barnes and Noble, and I fell head over heels in love with them... which I don't think will surprise most people. I would definitely love to start collecting these adorable younger versions of all the Disney Princesses. Plus, they would look amazing on my shelf!

13.  A Barnes and Noble gift card - This one is a given, isn't it? I would happily accept a gift card that would allow me to buy more books for my collection, to shop at one of my favorite places without spending any of my own money. I really would be excited about getting a gift card of any amount for my birthday!

14. A Starbucks gift card - Anyone who supports my tea habit (yes, I'm apparently addicted to tea now versus coffee) is a friend of mine. Starbucks is one of the most convenient stops on my way to work and on my way out of work, so it would be so very welcome if someone sent me a gift card.

15. Tiffany Enchantment Heart Key Pendant - I have a thing for keys, and I definitely love them on necklaces. I think it would be positively brilliant to own this beautiful piece of jewelry (which would be the first piece from Tiffany that I would ever). It looks absolutely beautiful, and I would love to add it to my jewelry collection.

16. BlackMilk Marauders Map Reversible Skater Dress 2.0 - You guys already know that I'm obsessed with Harry Potter! I own a bunch of fandom shirts, but I don't own a Harry Potter-inspired dress just yet. This would be the first one I'd like to add to my collection!

17. Editions of Harry Potter (Filipino, Hufflepuff editions, Signature editions) - Speaking of Harry Potter, did you know I collect editions of the first book? I would love to own the Filipino edition of it! And, in terms of full series collections, there are two in particular that I want to have - the minimalist signature editions and the lovingly designed Hufflepuff House edition.

18. Vinyls (particularly James Bay and Adele) - It's funny to me that I only really thought of this later on! But in addition to my new record player (whenever I acquire it), I would love to have some records to start out listening to. I think these two artists in particular would make a great start to a vinyl collection.

19. Doctor Who (Series 9-12) complete seasons - Hi, my name is Alexa, and as of early 2016, I have been converted into a full-on Whovian. I finally finished watching the entire series for the first time earlier this year and my life has been changed forever - and for the better! I would definitely not mind owning this epic series so that I can watch it as many times I want to.

20. A rose gold Macbook Air - I will always and forever have a special place in my heart for my Macbook Pro, which was a Christmas present 3 years ago. But I would like to have a more portable laptop that I can carry around with me easily, and I think that the Air would be the way to go for that. I'm absurdly happy that it comes in rose gold! It'll match my phone.

21. The Court of Dreams Limited Edition Fine Art Print from Charlie Bowater - You guys, Charlie is seriously one of the most talented artists I've ever come across! I'm obsessed with her renditions of the characters and scenes from Sarah J. Maas' novels in particular. And this scene? It's beautiful. I just want it so, so much (along with a ton of her other work).

22. A Blue Apron subscription - I've discovered that I actually enjoy the act of cooking! I'm just not so great at the prep or portioning part of it, so it would be nice to try out this subscription service. It sounds like something that would really work for me (and Macky)!

23. Star Wars R2-D2 Carry-on Luggage - Yes, this is on my wishlist. Yes, I actually intend to try and purchase it before my trip to Orlando with Danica later this year. But it's seriously so cute! I definitely want have it, both because I need a new carry-on and because I just love the way that this one would stand out.

24. City Bakery chocolate chip cookies - I'm obsessed with these cookies. OBSESSED. It's one of my favorite cookies in all of New York (and yes, possibly a teensy bit more than Levain Bakery), and I would not be averse to getting a dozen (or more) on my birthday.

25. Ladurée macarons - I love macarons. I can eat so many of them in one sitting that it's a wee bit ridiculous. Ahem. I would love to get these for my birthday! They just seem so very festive and classy, and I just love them.

26. Funko Mystery Mini: Harry Potter Action Figures - I need them all, really, and that's the bottom line. My love for collecting most things Harry Potter won't allow me to stand idly by and not snap up as many of these as I can. Here's to hoping I can "catch them all"!

27. A day at the spa - It's been so long since I've had the luxury of a day at the spa (since I often indulged in those in the Philippines). I would love to get a massage, sit in the sauna, have a foot rub, get a manicure and pedicure - the whole shebang. 

And there you have it, folks, an eclectic list of the things I’m dreaming of (and scheming to get, mind you)! It’s certainly an odd mishmash of interests, but I definitely think it represents who I am at this particular moment in time very, very well. Do you like or have any of these things? Do you have any of them on your wishlist? 

Okay, now, on to the part that you’ve probably been waiting for – the giveaway! I’ve decided that I’ll be giving away $27 to spend on Book Depository to one lucky winner. The giveaway is open internationally through the next two weeks, although it is required that Book Depository ships to you. I’ll announce the winner then! 

Thanks for reading this post, friends. I’m so grateful to have all of you in my life, so grateful for what this blog has given me and so happy that I can celebrate in this small way with all of the wonderful people that have come into my life because of our connection over the Internet!


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