March 29, 2015

Flights of Fantasy || March 2015

We're back for our March link-up for Flights of Fantasy! Rachel & I thought it would be fun to answer a question this month, so we settled on this one:

Why do you love fantasy?

I tackled the answer to this question a little bit before, but basically, the reason I love fantasy so much is because it challenges my imagination. Each time I read a fantasy novel, I'm encouraged to believe in things - worlds, characters, situations. And I love that. I love that I get an opportunity to explore the heights and depths and breadth of some great imagined stories! And I love even more that, in spite of being set in worlds that are not our own and with characters who might not even be human, the situations they encounter have a very human semblance to them. It's a very intriguing combination, if I do say so myself.

How are you doing this month?

I read three fantasy novels this month - Seraphina, Shadow Scale and Of Beast and Beauty. All three were pretty enjoyable, and I'd highly recommend you check them out! Don't forget to link to your posts below so that we can see how you've been doing for the Flights of Fantasy Challenge.


  1. Nice thought. But, Alexa, would you mind sharing your opinion about, "Don't you think that a lot of fantasy books after Harry Potter era seemed to try to imitate Harry Potter' books?"


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