October 16, 2012

BEA Book Club Discussion: Crewel

Crewel Gennifer Albin book cover
Last Friday, I reviewed Crewel by Gennifer Albin. I thought the book had fantastic world-building, an interesting premise and definitely made me think, especially about gender roles in society. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next to Adelice and everyone in the book.

For this month's discussion, like we did last month, we each asked a question about the book - and we're posting the answers on our sites! So, after checking out the question I asked and our answers, go and check out Rachel's siteShanella's site and AJ's site to see some more of our discussion.

I asked: If you were going to be a Spinster, what part of the society in Arras would you want to be in charge of weaving (ex. weather, food, babies, deaths, etc.)?
(Be warned: there may be minor spoilers in this post!)

Rachel said: I'd love to be in control of weather because being in control of storms would be AWESOME! It's like playing God, but without being too extreme.

Shanella said: I would rather do births! I agree with Alexa on the removals, as that would be pretty depressing, but the thought of introducing new life would be great! Of course, if I had to be a Spinster, why not just go for the gold and be a Creweler! ;)

AJ said: Anything to do with building things and honing their overall look would interest me. Being that I'm an artist, I guess I'd want to be in charge of making things look pretty. :)

And finally, I said: I'd definitely want to be in charge of the weather, only because I think it would be cool to be able to control storms and sunny days. I don't think I'd be able to handle the responsibility of bringing life into the world, and it would depress the heck out of me to deal with "removing" threads.

If you've read Crewel, what part of society would you want to be a part of weaving as a Spinster? If you haven't read it yet, I definitely recommend it.


  1. Great question! I like all those suggestions, especially AJ's. I'd probably get a little carried away trying out new looks, weaving together different settings etc. It would be pretty cool to change the weather at will too. :)

  2. This book looks super good! I like your answer -- I'd love to be in control of the weather, too! Especially since it's crazy windy out!

  3. I have to say, I agree with you! Even though I have yet to read this and therefore have no idea which each one entails but storm & sunny day creating sound like a lot of fun to me. Plus being in charge of death would make me a less happy person!


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