May 4, 2011

All About That Clique • In or Out

In or Out book review
In or Out by Claudia Gabel
Series: In or Out #1
Publisher: Point
Publication Date: June 1, 2007
Source/Format: Bought || Paperback

Bubbly Marnie and shy Nola are best friends forever...but everything changes when ninth grade starts. Marnie has set her sights on the IN crowd, led by beautiful hipster girl Lizette, and she also falls hard for charismatic hottie Dane. Nola wants her friendship with Marnie to remain as it was, and, despite her crush on a geeky-cute boy, isn't ready to date yet. Marnie doesn't get why Nola seems content to remain OUT. Nola doesn't get why Marnie is so desperate to get IN. Before long, their friendship is over, and all-out war has been declared! Are you prepared to pick a side?

In or Out was well-written, all the facts and plotlines laid out so that the reader would not have a difficult time following the story. That having been said, I guess the story overall just didn't appeal to me in particular. I like the character of Nola; she reminds me of myself when I was younger in a lot of ways and I could relate to her struggle watching her best friend change and become a completely different person. I also liked reading about her budding friendship/relationship with Matt.

Though I could kind of understand where she was coming from, I didn't like Marnie. I guess it's a personal thing because I would never do that to my best friends. Friendship is sacred to me, so yeah, watching her basically shove Nola aside for Lizette and company just annoyed me to no end. In or Out was a quick, easy read, but I would recommend it for younger readers.


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